Our TTC Journey

May 2010: J and I were married, in a beautiful, casual ceremony at the church we grew up in.

January 2011: Baby fever runs rampant, and we decide I’m going to kick the birth control pills (and my anti-depressants, in case they harm baby).

March 2011: I start charting – taking temperatures every morning, watching for things like cervical mucus (yuck)

September 2011: I am put back on anti-depressants – the stress and anxiety from TTC and work made my panic attacks, depression and mood swings come back in full force.

January 2012: Go to our first reproductive endocrinologist appointment, told to DTD every other day for my whole cycle to see if maybe too much sex was the problem. Agree to give that a shot for a few cycles.

February /March 2012: J has a sperm analysis – family takes bets on his sperm count. His numbers are fine, my mom guesses correctly and wins a prize (what? We have to lighten this up somehow)

March 2012: I have an ultrasound to rule out any cysts or anatomical problems. My mom has a bicornuate uterus, so they were concerned, but everything turned out just fine.

April 2012: Go to the fertility clinic once again to discuss a plan of action. Am diagnosed with primary infertility, told that monitored cycles with IUI is our best bet.

May 2012: After a long discussion, we decide that medicated cycles and IUI aren’t the right choice for us quite yet, so we’re going to take a bit of a TTC break. After 14 failed months, we need to step back from the whole situation and take a breather. Who knows? Maybe all of that terrible “Just relax” advice we’ve gotten might just work?

June 2012: Once we decide to take a little break, I’m diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I’m insulin resistant, my hormones are out of whack, and things aren’t working properly. Finally, an answer!

July 2012: After a marathon 73 day cycle, I jump start my body into gear with naturopathic supplements, exercise and weight loss. I’m determined to get my body working properly again.

August-October 2012: Thanks to a 15 lb weight loss and my naturopathic regime, my cycles start to regulate and I have three 35-day cycles back to back.

November 2012: At 13 DPO, the tests don’t lie – I’m PREGNANT!

August 2013: Welcome, Baby Girl (at 41 weeks)

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