The Stork Conception Aid: A Giveaway!

***CONGRATULATIONS to DANIELLE, winner of the Stork Conception Aid. Thanks to all who entered!***

While we were trying to conceive K, I did more research than I thought possible. I read about every home remedy, every possible tip and trick, every available resource to help me get pregnant faster. I visited a naturopath, talked to everyone at the health food store, read a dozen books about increasing fertility, and tried every possible yoga position to help sperm get where it needed to be. Fertility treatments are expensive. Our initial intake appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist was $250 out of pocket, and every visit, test and procedure after that just added to the bill. The naturopath we saw was partially covered by insurance, but we were still paying about $200/month after insurance for supplements and visits. And we were lucky; had we proceeded with monitored cycles, IUI or IVF, it would have caused even more financial strain on our marriage. Many are willing to accept these costs as part of expanding their families; its often a necessary ‘evil’ to getting where you’d like to be. Though I didn’t try cervical cap insemination (nor did I really know much about it), I’d heard of several friends using a Diva Cup after sex to…hold everything up there. It made perfect sense; it gave sperm and egg a better chance of meeting up. When you’re dealing with low sperm count, motility issues, pH level problems, or issues with timing ovulation, anything that provides assistance is (in my opinion) a great idea. Though I’m currently pregnant with a ‘surprise’ baby, and though it seems as though our struggles with infertility are behind us, there is certainly a place in my heart for those who are still struggling. When I was approached by Influence Canada to write about a new conception aid on the market, The Stork, I jumped at the chance. I know that, had this campaign come around three years ago, I would have given it a try immediately. So what is The Stork? Its a product, based on cervical cap insemination, that was approved by Health Canada in 2013. The technique used makes sure that sperm is placed at the opening of the cervix, exactly where it needs to be to optimize chances of conception. According to the stats issued by the company, using cervical cap insemination has a 20% success rate; a rate comparable to the success rates of IUI. Obviously, the circumstances are a little different, but the results seem to be fairly good. The nice thing about The Stork is that its drug-free, safe, and cost-effective (especially compared to some of the other procedures). Its a great first step before starting assistive reproductive treatments. thestork There’s a video link here that demonstrates how The Stork works, but the concept is fairly straightforward. The ‘cap’ is filled with sperm (however you see fit), and you use a tampon-like applicator to place it as close to the cervix as possible. You leave it in for 4-6 hours, then remove and dispose (like a tampon). Its certainly a better alternative to lying in bed with your hips propped up (which is exactly what I did for ages). That being said, what do you think? Is it something you’d try, or just a little too ‘out-there’ for you? If it sounds like its up your alley, here’s your chance to give it a try! Along with Influence Central, I’m hosting a giveaway! You can enter here! The deadline is April 23, 2015.

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And, if you’re interested in winning even more, check out the Social Media contest that Influence Central is hosting! By being engaged with The Stork across different social platforms, you have the chance to win a Night Out (for 2), valued at about $500. I know I’m entering…check it out here. Disclosure: I am part of The Stork at-home conception aid campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

10 thoughts on “The Stork Conception Aid: A Giveaway!

  1. We would definitely be willing to try the stork, especially considering how much more affordable it is than infertility treatments at a clinic

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