Things to Do Before Baby #2

Now that we’ve adjusted to the idea of being parents to two kids, we’re springing into action in the time we’ve got left as a family of three. K is eighteen months, and though she won’t remember her time as an only child, we certainly want to make memories and have a blast before her little world is rocked. We’re also hoping to squeeze in a few last minute day trips and things before we throw a newborn into the mix!

That being said, we’ve come up with a list of things we would love to do before baby comes in September. Here’s what it looks like:

Things to Do Before Baby #2

  • spend a weekend away, just J and I
  • spend a night in a hotel, alone (just me!) with a stack of books, some junk food, and a huge bathtub
  • grow a vegetable garden
  • take K to the aquarium
  • go to the Toronto Zoo
  • sleep in until 10:00 one morning
  • go berry picking
  • stop watching so much TV (and cancel cable!)
  • finish our basement stairs (carpet, trim, etc)
  • set up a designated play space for K (not the living room)
  • keep a baby journal
  • enjoy every moment of a solid night’s sleep
  • take some family photos

Did you have a list you wanted to accomplish before baby? Whether it was your first or your fifth, are there things that you wanted to get done? Am I missing anything glaringly obvious on here?

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