16 Month Update

Every single day of her life, Miss K amazes us with something new. Some days, it’s a great new skill (such as using a spoon), and other days….not so great (hitting Mama when she’s mad). The last month has shown us that our funny little girl has a sense of humor, a wicked temper, and a vocabulary that’s growing daily. Two of my favourite moments from this past month:
J and K are in the kitchen, getting something from the fridge. K is being crazy, and bumps her head on the open fridge door. When she whines, J says “Now, who’s fault was that?” K turns to him, holding her head, and says “Dada’s!”

We’re at my parents house, and my sister’s future family-in-law is there. There’s another little boy (who is a few years older), and his diaper bag is sitting by the front door. K disappears for awhile, then comes running down the hall. “I got some!” she yells, holding a bag of cookies in the air (that she stole from the other diaper bag).

The Stats:

Height: still about 70cm
Weight: 20 lbs
Favourites: yogurt, water, watching Baby Einstein, bath time, yogurt covered raisins, her Sleep Sheep
Milestones: girlfriend can throw a TANTRUM. This isn’t a happy milestone, but needs to be recorded nonetheless. She can put her own boots on (the wrong feet), she was sleeping through the night for a few weeks, and she is talking up a storm.



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