Fifteen Month Update

My girl is 15 months old. As the months fly by, I’m finding myself losing track of what’s happened – that’s why I love these update posts. A clear, concise baby-book entry highlighting all of the best (or worst) parts of the current month.

At 15 months, Miss K is absolutely hilarious. She has a definite opinion, and doesn’t hesitate to tell you exactly what she likes (or doesn’t like). We’ve seen the introduction of the tantrum, which is particularly trying, but we’ve also seen a language explosion that results in a lot less frustration. She tantrums because she can’t have what she wants, NOT because she can’t communicate what she wants (and the speech therapist in me loves that!)

Here are the highlights:

Height: 31 inches
Weight: 20 lbs
Favourite Foods: yogurt-covered raisins, cheese, frozen yogurt tubes, bananas, smoothies, ground beef, hummus
Favourite Toys: her firetruck tent, the singing school bus, books, her Sleep Sheep, balls, and her stacking blocks
Words(I can’t list them all anymore, so these are the newest/funniest): bubbles, raisins, vacuum, ‘I got some’, apple, boots, outside, dancing.
Milestones: sleeps through the night (1-2 nights per week), played in the snow for the first time, lays down when she’s ready for a diaper change.


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