We Go To Church

I grew up in church. We attended every Sunday, there was youth group midweek, and more often than not, I was volunteering as well. J and I met at church, we were married in the same church, and (since J is a pastor), our faith is a very important part of our lives. It was vital to my state of mind during our infertility journey, and I believe wholeheartedly that K is a gift from God.

When we had K, we knew that we wanted her to grow up knowing the God that we know. We wanted her to have a church home that she would feel safe in. We knew the importance of having other adults in her life who would guide her (especially when she won’t listen to Mom and Dad). And since we both believe that God comes first in our lives, we knew He would be a big part of K’s story. To incorporate our faith into our lives, there are a few steps we take:

1. We go to church: As a toddler, K learns three crucial things at church: that God made her, that he loves her, and that he wants to be her friend forever. Though the ins and outs of Christianity are much more nuanced than that, doesn’t it all boil down to those truths? K has the same three group leaders each week; they constantly are excited to see her, they go out of their way to make her feel welcome, and they love what they do.

2. We pray together: Whether for small things like a good night’s sleep, or the bigger issues in our lives, J and I pray with and for K before bed each night. We also say grace at dinner ( and if K is particularly hungry, she cuts it short by yelling ‘Amen!’)

3. We lead by example: I could tell K all day long the importance of reading her Bible or praying…but if she doesn’t see me making time for those things in my day, I’m just a hypocrite. By making sure that our own faith is in check, we provide an example for K to learn from.

Is faith part of your lives? How do you teach your little ones what you believe?

2 thoughts on “We Go To Church

  1. Great post! We go to church every week (even both Sat& Sun since DH plays drums & we work with the teens). It’s great seeing how much our son loves church already, even at 1 year old!

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