Things have been quiet around here lately. And by ‘around here’, clearly I mean Baking & Babies…because things have been anything but quiet on the home front.

I started back to work a month ago, and its definitely been an adjustment. A much, much different adjustment than I anticipated. Honestly, I expected to dread going to work, to spend my days longing for maternity leave, and to be way behind the ball at the office. Instead, I’ve slipped back into the routine fairly easily, picking up where I left off. The adjustment comes when I get home. I want to soak up every second I have with K, before she goes to bed at 7. At the same time, I need to balance everything that we need to get done around the house, plus the immense desire to just sit down on the couch and never leave. This means a few things on the blog front; there just isn’t the same amount of time to write, or to bake, or to write about baking. So this page has remained untouched for well over two weeks.

The other thing that’s been keeping me away from B&B is my new found presence as a blogger on Hellobee. If you haven’t checked this site out, you really need to. I’ve spent the last three years reading and following along with the HB bloggers, and I feel like I was so much more prepared for pregnancy and motherhood because of what I learned there. Since I’m blogging a few times per week over there, it means things are lacking a little around here. But you all understand, right?

I can’t promise that B&B will pick up any time soon. I’m learning to be a full-time employee, full-time mama and part-time writer all at the same time…and somewhere, something’s gotta give. That being said, if you know anyone who would like to guest-post, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always on the lookout for great content!

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