Happy Birthday, Miss K!

My little girl turned one year old today. A whole year of her sunny personality lighting up our lives.

A year ago, I was sitting in our hospital room, staring down at the bundle in my arms that was ours to take home. We waited ages for her…and now she was here. Tiny pink cheeks, long fingers, blue eyes- all 7lbs of her wrapped up in a blanket.

Fast forward to this morning, when she woke me up by yelling ‘Mama!’ from her crib. She then proceeded to crawl all over J and I as we desperately try for a few more minutes of sleep. She feeds herself breakfast (messily), and signs ‘all done’ to let us know she is finished.

What a difference a year makes.IMG_4668

Twelve Month Stats
Height: 29 inches
Weight: 18.6 lbs
Favourite Food: frozen yogurt tubes, cheese, blueberries, Goldfish, french fries, hummus
Favourite Toys: a giant puppy, a stuffed octopus, her Little People farm, books that sing
Milestones: she’s walking like a champ, settling into daycare nicely, and eating just about everything.


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