Eleven Month Update

We are one month shy of a year…and I’m in denial that my baby is having a birthday! At eleven months, she is completely hilarious- I love hanging out with her because she constantly surprises me. She learns so quickly, picks up on all sorts of things that I don’t expect, and is generally a joy to be around. Here’s eleven months by the numbers:


Height: 72cm
Weight: 18.5lbs
Teeth: still 6, with some majorly bumpy gums (eye teeth are coming!)
Sleep: she has slept through the night FIVE times in the last month! Other nights involve one wakeup at either 1:30 or 4:00. She has a half hour catnap at 10, and an hour nap around 1:00.
Food: she is down to nursing two or three times in 24 hours, which is a dramatic decrease. She eats just about anything, but her favourites are hummus, tofu, cheese, yogurt and crackers
Words: woof, tickle, mama, dada, more, and the signs for all done, more and milk.
Milestones: can take 2-3 steps, stands unassisted, climbs the stairs, plays pat-a-cake
Favourites: being tickled, eating hummus with her hands, using her walker, swimming

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