Back to Nature: The Weight Loss Edition

Over the last 3 years of Baking&Babies, I’ve done several posts about my visits to naturopathic doctors, and the various treatments I’ve tried. At first it was for general health and weight loss, then for PCOS and infertility, then for depression and anxiety, and now we’ve come full circle and I’m back on the general health and weight loss wagon.

Here’s the thing. I’ve lost the baby weight. It was gone by about 6 months postpartum. But I’m not saying that to brag. I’m saying that because, though the scale says I’m back to ‘normal’, I know that’s not true. Having a baby does some weird things to your body, folks. I’ve got this weird muffin top/spare tire hanging out around my waist, my hips are wider than they were before, and there are some bizarre inner-thigh lumps that have tagged along. I’m not ashamed of my postpartum body….but I’m not content to leave it the way it is.

A big part of my issue when it comes to weight loss is that pesky PCOS. I’m insulin-resistant, and I hold on to fat like nobody’s business. Combine that with a sluggish thyroid, sloooooow metabolism, and general love of all things carbohydrate, and I’m a bit of a weight loss nightmare.

So, besides upping the exercise and ditching the cupcakes, what is my naturopath recommending for me? Here’s a glimpse into my treatment plan.

*note: I’m not a medical professional. These recommendations were made for my specific situation. If you want to try any of these treatments, I’d recommend finding a naturopath….or at least don’t hold me accountable if you don’t see results*


Greens +: this is a super-concentrated green powder that contains a ton of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. It gives me an added boost of veggies without requiring me to eat a metric ton of spinach daily.

Power Seeds: I’ve written about these before – an equal mix of flax, chia and hemp seeds to add protein, help with blood sugar regulation, and give some added nutrition.

Inositol: helps with the breakdown of fats, insulin regulation and control of blood sugar.

Protein: I’m supposed to aim for roughly 100g protein per day. This is WAY more than I was eating before, but is helping with energy and keeping me full longer. One way I make sure to get my protein is with a vegan protein powder; one serving adds about 25g protein to my morning smoothie.

Water: this is probably the single best nutrition tip I’ve received. How many pounds do you weigh? Cut that in half, and aim for at least that number of ounces of water per day. This can be plain water, water infused with fruits or other flavours, or even herbal tea (as long as it is unsweetened and uncaffeinated). Just chug that water – you’ll feel much better!

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