Here’s your chance to mock me…

There are days when everything goes right. Birds are singing, the coffee is delicious and your to-do list gets effortlessly checked off. You feel like you could accomplish anything, and on top of that, your hair looks fantastic.

And then, there are days when your husband comes home from work to find you swearing at a gloppy mass of congealed baking, your radiant beauty hidden behind a scowl and a “Screw you, carrot cake.”
Oh…wait. Is that just me?

I had a baking disaster. And while I typically brush my slip ups under the rug and let you all thing I only ever create blog worthy confections, this oops was too spectacular to hide.


It started off as an innocent carrot cake. I whipped up the batter during nap time, and greased the pans using coconut oil (because apparently it’s made of magic and unicorn hair). Baked for 40 minutes, cooled for 20…and then I tried to transfer them to a cooling rack.

To say that the cakes stuck to the pans would be the understatement of the century. The coconut oil, nonstick pans and shredded carrots formed a kind of cement that could only be broken with a chisel, a pick axe and a jack hammer. This wasn’t the type of cake mistake that can be patched up with frosting. No way.

So, I did what any Pinterest-minded girl might do, and crumbled that mess of cake into a bowl. Add some icing, roll into balls, and voila! The makings of cake pops! I rolled, I stuck, I froze, I melted….

And it all was an incredible mess.

The carrot cake was so oily that it oozed when I rolled it. It was so crumbly and dense that the balls imploded and caved in on themselves. When I did manage to get one on a stick and dip it, the weight of the cake and frosting was so great, it slid off the stick and into my bowl of melted colored chocolate. The result? Lumps that looked like Elmo’s balls after the Colour Run (is that crass?)

I tried my hardest to make them salvageable. But when the excess oil from the cake began leaking through the candy melt shell, all hope was lost. So I crammed a few un-dipped centers into my mouth, dumped the dishes in the sink, and snapped some pictures so you could all make fun of cheer me on.

What has been your worst baking fail?

4 thoughts on “Here’s your chance to mock me…

  1. LOL. Sorry, this did make me smile and I’ve been there myself. I can’t think of any baking mishaps off the top of my head, but I have had them. I have this niggling feeling that I one time had a cake completely flop…but I don’t remember the details. It must have been so horrific that I can’t remember. 😀

  2. I was making simple chocolate chip cookies for a cookie exchange but I was baking at my parent’s house and somehow when I put the tray in the oven it tilted and I ended up with one gigantic burnt blob of a cookie instead of 12 deliciously round cookies. It is still a running joke any time I bake cookies now.

    • Ohh, I’m sorry (hahaha). My mom’s oven is totally different than mine, too – there have been quite a few baking fails while using that oven! Remind me to tell you about the time I left cookies in the oven and then went out shopping….

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