Win a Zipadee-Zip (and get some sleep!)

AND THE WINNER IS…… Aislinn at Ms Baby Makin’. She loved the ‘Look Whooo Loves You’ print, for her baby in the oven! Aislinn, send us an email to claim your prize ( Thanks to all who entered!


I wrote about our adventures in swaddle weaning here, and talked about a product that I’m a huge fan of: the Zipadee-Zip.

Stephanie Parker, inventor of the Zipadee-Zip, was faced with a dilemma when her daughter started rolling and breaking free of her swaddle. Every sleep sack on the market was purchased and tried to no avail; there was nothing out there that would ease her little girl’s transition from the swaddle. So she sat down at her sewing machine, and created the Zippy; a sweet little ‘starfish-suit’ that would soothe the startle reflex and provide a cozy environment for sleeping. At the same time, it allowed freedom to wiggle around and roll over safely. Their prayers had been answered, and sleep was once again found in the Parker household.

Word of mouth has been the biggest means of advertising for the Zipadee-Zip, and I am happy to add my voice to the growing masses. Though I don’t encourage running out and buying every product for every purpose, I love that the Zippy makes sense. Its functional, its cute, and it does exactly what its supposed to. Plus, for an added bonus, this isn’t something that creates a dependency. In other words, there’s not going to be a Zippy-transition in a few months that causes as much sleeplessness as the swaddle-transition. Why? For one, the Zippy comes in a wide range of sizes…K can wear one for ages! Also, since it is slowly getting her used to the idea of having her arms and legs free, it won’t be a huge shock when she stops using it. I love that she can’t scratch up her face, and she also can’t get her limbs caught in the crib slats; the little starfish-arms prevent that.
Plus…have I mentioned how ridiculously cute the patterns are? We bought K a relatively plain pink polka-dotted one, but Stephanie has the most adorable fabrics. If I could buy one in every pattern, I would.

Now that I’ve raved about this awesome product, how would you like to win one for yourself? Zipadee-Zip has kindly offered to give a Zippy away to one of you wonderful readers, for your own little one, or as a gift for someone in your life. The entry rules are simple:

Click Here to Enter!

A winner will be announced on FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 2014.

21 thoughts on “Win a Zipadee-Zip (and get some sleep!)

  1. My little one is already out of the swaddle, but my cousin is going to be a first time mom in June and I think it would be perfect for her.

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