Bye-Bye Burrito: Adventures in Swaddle Weaning

I don’t like to write about things until I’m on the other side of them; maybe as a throwback to the constant ‘what-if’ posts of my infertility days. But swaddle weaning is a very real and very present struggle in our day-to-day life, and I know there are others dealing with the same problem.

K has loved the swaddle since day one. If she was ever flipping out or getting restless, a tight wrap in a blanket calmed her right down. We transitioned from oversized muslin blankets to the velcro SwaddleMe wraps, and then to a Halo sleep sack with a swaddle strap. They all worked equally well, and I loved snuggling my little burrito baby.


Even when she started to roll over, we avoided ditching the swaddle; she had never even attempted to roll in her crib. I secretly hoped that she would just love the swaddle for ages, and one day decide she was done with it. Do things ever work out like that? Not in my experience.

Fast forward to last week. Sleep training was going incredibly well; we were finally getting 5, 6, 7 hour stretches of sleep at night, and she was putting herself down no problem. Until THAT night. The night J went in flip on her humidifier, and found her face down in the corner of the crib, arms securely fastened to her sides, with no way of rolling back over or freeing herself. He described how his stomach dropped; convinced she had suffocated herself in the mattress, or hit her head as she rolled herself over. He snatched her up (waking her, and pissing her off to no end), checked her over, and sighed with relief.

That was the last night the swaddle lived in the Mason household.

After hearing rave reviews from some blogger-friends about a product called the Zipadee-Zip, I ordered one. Though I’m not a proponent of purchasing every baby item on the market, I was lost and a little confused about just how to ditch the swaddle. The Zipadee-Zip was invented by a mom who was equally as stuck; and thus, the sweet little starfish-suit was born. You zip your kiddo into the Zipadee-Zip, which secures them enough to feel comfortable, but not enough that they can’t control their limbs. K can roll to her front, roll back again, and even scoot around the crib freely, but since she doesn’t have full range of motion, she feels snug and cozy (I assume. That’s how I would feel in a Zippy). Plus….it just looks darn cute.

(Stay tuned for the Zipadee-Zip product review and giveaway)

I wish I could say that we zipped her up, put her down, and 12 hours of sleep was had for all. I wish I could talk about the magical naps that were suddenly 2 hours long. Yes, the Zippy is a great product…but its not going to change your kid into someone different. My baby is strong-willed and sassy; if she doesn’t think its bedtime, then bedtime isn’t happening. But each night is getting much better. She falls asleep within about 10 minutes of putting her down; sometimes we have to go in and flip her over once or twice before she settles in, other times she finds a comfy spot and is out for the night (or…several hours at least).

We’re still dealing with 2-3 wake ups per night, as she figures out how to soothe herself and drop a feeding. Naps are better; we get anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours, which is a far cry from the 1/2 hour swing naps we had for months. And soon, I’m sure I’ll be able to update with something miraculous, like an 8 hour stretch of sleep, or falling asleep with no fussing at all.

Did your baby like their swaddle, or was it a fight to give it up? How did you manage?

4 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Burrito: Adventures in Swaddle Weaning

  1. Oh my goodness, how scary! So glad your little girl was okay. We stopped swaddling my son very early on, because he never liked it. He’s never really slept through the night, outside of when he was a newborn. We are working off of 2-3 wake ups a night as well, and fortunately naps are better. They’re about the same as yours, anywhere from 45mins-2hrs.

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