Making Substitutions

Making Substitutions

Ever wondered how to make recipes a little healthier? Started to bake when you realized that you’re out of eggs? This chart should help you out!
(note: most of these substitutions will not work for cookies, because the dough needs to be thicker)

4 thoughts on “Making Substitutions

  1. I am hilarious now in my recipe reading. Ever since I was serious about watching sugar for jman, the recipe says 1/3 cup of sugar, I go, yep, a tablespoon. The recipe says a cup, I go, yeah, a third, and just tweak other dry ingredients to get the right consistency. In Australia, we also have something called “smart sugar” which you use 1:1, is all natural, but much lower GI. And no one ever notices the difference! Some recipe quantities are ridiculous, sugar being the worst offender.

    • Smart sugar? I’ll have to look for it here, sounds interesting. Honestly, I haven’t cut the sugar down in many recipes, because I LIKE sugar…but with a bathing-suit-required vacation coming up, I’ll have to do that more.

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