Five Months

My kid is five months old today.

Insert every known cliché about how fast time goes, and then zip it and let me say it anyhow.

Why is time going so fast?!?!

Its been five whole months of having this little beauty in my life. She’s hilarious and inquisitive, her face is so expressive (she uses her eyebrows like I do), and she loves to watch what’s going on around her.


Weight: about 14.5 lbs

Clothing Size: 3-6 months mostly

Favourite Things: her strawberry teething toy, her Lamaze doll, the Jolly Jumper

Dislikes: riding in the car when its dark, being ignored, not being allowed to chew tables/electronics/people

Milestones: slept through the night (10:00pm-6:00am) once, now sleeps most of the time in her crib in her own room, took her first trip to the States.

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