The Stockings Were Hung…

I’m writing as I’m cozied up by the fire, mug of hot chocolate in hand, plate of Snickersnaps beside me and sleeping baby in her swing. The lights of the Christmas tree sparkle and reflect off the icy windows. I don’t have anywhere to go today, and I’m not planning to change out of my pyjamas. Christmas is two days away, and I can’t help but be excited.

K is finally here with us, after several Christmases of wondering if we would ever have a baby of our own. She’s oblivious to the holiday around her; all she knows is that she’s not allowed to chew on the spiky, shiny green plant in the corner (or all of the coloured balls that hang from it). But our family knows; we’re all so excited to celebrate with her.

I know that so many of you are still waiting for your little ones. You’re still wondering if there’s ever going to be another stocking hanging from the fireplace. My heart goes out to you this holiday season; I’m sure you’re anxiously avoiding the dozens of questions and careless remarks that come when people are just genuinely curious (but oblivious to your situation). Infertility doesn’t take the day off for Christmas. Know that you’re in my prayers.

Signing off for 2013 – I hope you all have a great holiday and fantastic New Year’s. We’ll see you on the flip side.


5 thoughts on “The Stockings Were Hung…

  1. Hi from ICLW (#19). First off, your hummingbird cake looks amazing below. We recently had our miracle twinsies and we are so excited for their first Christmas even though they don’t have a clue what’s going on! Ha!

  2. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! What a very special year to have your baby girl home with you! Thank you for thinking of those of us still waiting!

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