1/3 of a Year

My baby is four months old today. I honestly can’t believe it; I don’t know where the time is going. FOUR months of being her mama…four months of watching her grow and change into a funny little person. I’ve learned to cope on MUCH less sleep (and to rely on coffee for a boost). I’ve learned to ask for help when I need it, and to accept help when its offered. I’ve learned that the dirty floors and dusty shelves can wait (at least until naptime). And I’ve learned that motherhood is nothing like and everything like I expected.

At our four month well-baby appointment, I was taken a bit by surprise. To follow along with her growth pattern, K should have been about 14.5 lbs. Instead, she’s just barely over 13lbs; something that no mama likes to hear. The nurse was blunt, and told me that the reason she was waking up so much at night is because she was starving, and I wasn’t feeding her enough throughout the day (ouch). However, the doctor was much nicer about it. He mentioned that tall and skinny is a common baby body type (she’s 95th percentile for height!), and that breastfed babies occasionally taper off in the weight-gain department around 3-4 months.  He also suggested introducing rice cereal. K shows most of the readiness signs (including lunging for my plate while I’m eating), and a little extra food isn’t a bad thing. Also, he mentioned that feeding her some solids close to bedtime might help with this frequent waking-at-night thing.

I know that there’s a huge debate about the introduction of solids, especially grains, before 6 months. And that is a subject for an entirely different post. I’m just going to say that yes, I’ve done my research. Yes, I’ve checked out several sources, read the ingredients on any and all baby food labels, and weighed the pros and cons of giving her rice cereal. And yes…my little peanut ADORES her food, and gobbles it up like mad.IMG_1566

Four Month Stats:
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 13.2 lbs
Sleep: 2-4 naps a day (30min to 3 hours), max. 4 hour stretches of sleep at night (boo)
Milestones: rolling over front to back, trying rice cereal for the first time, drooling like a faucet
Favourite Things: chewing on everything, eating, kicking things, staring at the TV remote (seriously…she thinks its the funniest thing ever).

4 thoughts on “1/3 of a Year

  1. Extremely adorable baby! I agree that time flies so fast, especially when you have little ones.

    Good to see that you’re following what you feel is best for you and your baby and not worrying about others’ opinions on when to start solids. Every baby is different, so there’s nothing set in stone about these kinds of things.

    Thank you again for stopping by my blog!

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