25 for 25

Today is my 25th birthday. A quarter century, already. I know to many of you, I’m still just a kid. But in the past few years, so much has happened. I’ve always felt a little older than my years, but for today, I’m going to embrace 25.


In celebration of 25 years, I’m going to share 25 of my favourite things.

1.Vanilla Earl Grey tea, by Tetley
2.My Costco-brand yoga pants
3.Gilmore Girls
4.Anything pumpkin
5.A new journal
6.Fine-tip black Sharpie pens
8.Baby snuggles
10.My husband
11.My church
14.Frozen yogurt…like Menchie’s
16.Great-fitting jeans that make you feel hot
17.Christmas decorations
18.EOS lip balm (especially Honeydew)
19.The Body Shop
20.Malls at Christmas time (the spirit…not the crowds)
22.Books about food history
24.Nail polish
25.Making lists

I think its telling that about half of my list is food or food-related items. Though, if you’ve followed this blog for more than 30 seconds, you’d probably have figured that out. There are lots more things that I love, but frankly, that would make for a boring blog post. So instead, I’m going to sign off here, go drink some tea, have some baby snuggles and possibly eat a cupcake, and enjoy my birthday.

What are your favourite things?

8 thoughts on “25 for 25

  1. Happy birthday!
    My favorite things are french pastries, pizza, shopping with someone else’s money, reading, and going to the spa. I sound like a very lazy, gluttonous person, but that’s ok. It feels good. 🙂

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