Letting Go of Nap Time

Baby is nearly three months old, and its time for me to let go of something very near and dear to me.

The coveted curled-up-on-Mama’s-chest nap.

For the last three months, at least once a day, K and I have settled onto the couch, put some trash on TV, and dozed off for a nice long nap. Usually an hour for me, an hour and a half for her. We’d wake up with bed-head, a puddle of drool on my shirt where her head was resting, a kink in my neck from sleeping semi-reclined. And I absolutely love it.
But a few things have come to pass recently. These naps have gotten shorter, because Miss K is getting more distracted and takes longer to fall asleep. They’ve gotten more uncomfortable, because an 8-pound baby on my chest is a lot comfier than a 12+ pound baby. And, I’ve realized that I should probably start getting things DONE during the day. You know…like getting dressed, or showered, or getting groceries. Its time to get into functioning-mama mode, and leave behind the survival-mode-mama.

So that means putting K down for naps. I’m working in stages, because I might just have a heart attack if I went straight to setting her in her crib and walking away. I’ll have to do this eventually, I know. But for now, we’re going with the swing.

Oh, the magical, wonderful swing. For the last three days, I’ve waited until she starts yawning and her eyelids get heavy. Then I buckle her into the swing, run into the kitchen to put on the kettle, and stay there until (five minutes later) she falls asleep. And as of this writing…she’s been asleep for an hour and forty-five minutes, and I’ve vacuumed, eaten lunch, and dusted the living room.

I love having naptimes back. Checking things off my to-do list is empowering, and it makes me feel fantastic. And…if she sleeps long enough…I can get things done AND pluck her from the swing, still warm and sleepy, and settle in for a few minutes of snuggling.

…she’s waking up. Cuddles for mama!

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