Gearing Up: Months 0-3

Favourite Baby Gear: Months 0-3

K is coming up on three months (where has the time gone?), and there have been so many products that were indispensable in the past little while. I know that while I was pregnant, I read every gear guide I could get my hands on, looking for recommendations and suggestions about the best things for a new baby. And now, sitting on the other side of that ‘newborn’ phase, I thought I would share what we loved most.

Nuk Pacifiers: We tried five different types of pacifiers; different brands, shapes, sizes and materials. We weren’t pushing the paci, but since K’s suck reflex is so strong, we knew we needed something. And the Nuk was the only paci she would (and will) keep in her mouth on her own.

Britax B-Agile and B-Safe: I am in love with this stroller. It is so easy to get in and out of the trunk, the carseat clips in so easily, and its light enough that I don’t struggle with it on my own. It is easy to maneuver, even with one hand (while I’m holding my requisite Pumpkin Spice Americano in the other). I love, love, love it.

Little Tummys Gripe Water: From about 2 weeks to 7 weeks, K had some mega-fussy periods where I could tell that she was bothered by something. She wasn’t hungry, or wet, or sleepy…she was just plain cranky. We used the alcohol-free version of this gripe water to help her out; a half teaspoon a couple of times a day. Whether it was the actual gripe water, or just the act of drinking something out of a syringe, it calmed her down.

Pampers Swaddlers: These diapers are great. So soft, they contain just about everything, and the line on the front that changes to blue when wet is fantastic. Especially in those newborn days when you can’t tell if baby has peed or not.

Ovol Drops: K had some serious gas issues at first, and these gas drops helped break up some of the bigger bubbles. Plus, they’re mint-flavoured, which she seemed to love sucking back. Recommend!

Summer Infants SwaddleMe wraps: We originally started putting K down in a muslin swaddle, but because she’s a squirmer, the blankets always worked their way loose. We were so worried about the muslin across her face, so we tried these swaddle wraps. The velcro is soft, but holds together well enough that she can’t wiggle out of them. However, I’ve only been able to find the 7-12 lb ones in stores, and K is quickly getting too big for them.

Exercise ball: I bought this while pregnant to use for my SI joint pain, and during labour. What I didn’t realize was how incredible it would be afterward. K’s favourite thing is to be held by J or I, and bounced on the ball. Now that she’s bigger, she sits in J’s lap, bounces, and stares at the shapes and colours on the TV. Its a miracle product, and we even took it with us on a road trip to Ottawa.

Play mat: We don’t have this exact SkipHop one, but I think its super cute. K loves lying on her back, kicking her legs, and staring at the toys that dangle overhead. The rings are interchangeable, so if she gets bored of the toys there, we can attach some different ones. In a moment of desperation, I hung Sophie the giraffe (by the neck) from a ring…and its been the biggest hit yet!

What are your favourite baby items?

5 thoughts on “Gearing Up: Months 0-3

  1. Pampers swaddlers were AWESOME during the newborn phase. I’m starting to stock up again a bit now. I preferred Huggies once G got a bit bigger, but swaddlers were my fav for the very beginning.

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