Updates: the Vanishing Gremlin

My baby girl is already 7.5 weeks old. It’s tough to believe, but here we are, almost at the two month mark. She weighs 10.5 lbs, is 58 cm long, and is nice and healthy. She smiles at anyone with a friendly face, loves her activity mat, and tolerates the swing. Outings are hit or miss, but if she’s in the carrier, I can get away with almost anything.

Honestly, the gremlin behavior stopped at 6.5 weeks on the dot. It was a magical day- K slept a 5 hour stretch, followed by another two hours, and was the happiest baby ever upon waking. And now, with one or two brief exceptions, she has been a little angel (am I jinxing myself?).

The baking is going to amp up again this week- with Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, there’s a high demand for desserts. And at least one of them will be heavily pumpkin-influenced. I just love pumpkin.

That’s all for now. I have a napping munchkin who needs copious amounts of cuddles.


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