Care and Maintenance of Gremlins

K is 6 weeks old, and this past week has made me wonder if someone came and switched out my well-mannered baby with an ill-tempered gremlin. The first few days of the week brought an intense need to be bounced, rocked, walking, and carried constantly. As if that weren’t enough, her legs were constantly scrunched to her stomach with gas pains. She loves the gas drops (simethecone) and gripe water, but they were a short-lived solution; as soon as she finished sucking them back, she was wailing again. It took a cocktail of swaddling, side-lying, shushing, sucking on a pacifier (or boob), and stripping her down to just a diaper to even calm the crying. 


I thought things were coming to an end when I had the perfect day with her. She slept until 8, woke to eat, and continued a nap-smile-snack pattern for the entire day. We cuddled, watched too much TV, and finally caught up after the nights of incessant bouncing.

Then the cluster-feeding began. We’ve had a few solid weeks of reprieve from the hourly eating-on-demand, but its back and its worse than ever. For the last 24 hours, she has been eating around the clock; one side, a quick doze, the other side, and then a longer nap. On repeat, all day long.

I know this is standard growth-spurt material. I know she’s acquiring new skills, she’s getting bigger, and she’s hitting the peak of her fussiness. I know all of these things, and yet I’m still finding myself furiously Googling “is my baby possessed?” and “care and maintenance of gremlins”. She’s precious, and I love her more than anything…but seriously, kid, its time to calm down a little.

How do growth spurts affect your little one?

3 thoughts on “Care and Maintenance of Gremlins

  1. Oh, yeah, that 6-week growth spurt was a doozy! D is 8 months (37 weeks) now and hitting another spurt/Wonder Week, and man…it’s rough. On top of that, he’s got a cold AND he’s teething. So our sleep has been utter crap for the past week. Not only waking up at night, but waking up SCREAMING! It’s brutal. But chin up, Mama!

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