Three Whole Weeks

The baking is on hold for the time being. Even though there’s butter in the fridge, chocolate chips and flour in the pantry, and a whole Pinterest board full of recipes waiting to be experimented with, there’s just no time to bake! I’m still sleeping when baby sleeps (okay…not the whole time…which is why I have a spare minute to blog), and when she’s awake, she wants to be rocked and bounced and walked around.
But its fall…and pumpkin, cinnamon, apples, and spice are around every corner. You can bet the recipes will be back up and running in no time. Once I’ve figured out baking with K in the carrier, that is.

These last three weeks have been a complete whirlwind, which is terribly cliche, but so true. The first week was a blur; I can’t remember which day was which, or what happened when. I do remember, however, winding up back in the hospital on day 4, with my stitches infected. Honestly, the pain of that infection was worse than the first 30+ hours of labour…thank the Lord for antibiotics and round-the-clock painkillers. By week 2, I was feeling a thousand times better. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If, by day 3-4 post-baby, your stitches haven’t started to feel better (or are getting worse), go get them checked out. Seriously. I was so convinced that my pain was normal…until my doula told me otherwise. END RANT.

We gave K her first bath at home, and she hated it. Truth be told, we probably didn’t pick the *best* time to dunk her in water…she was hungry, and already a little unhappy. Bath #2 went MUCH better…if she likes the bath as much as her mama, we won’t have any issues.

We also took her on her first outing. And the location of this outing probably sums up J and I completely…so don’t judge.
We went to the Apple Store and Starbucks.
And K had a fantastic time (in other words, she slept the whole time). So there.


Weeks One – Three: The Numbers

K’s Weight: 7lbs 5oz at birth, 6lbs 14oz at hospital discharge, 7lbs 9oz by 2 weeks
Diaper size: newborn until 2.5 weeks, size 1 by 3 weeks
Clothing size: newborn until about 2.5 weeks, now wearing a very baggy 0-3 months
Hours of sleep per night (on average): 4
Diapers changed: 175
Sleepers soiled: 5
Pumpkin Spice Lattes consumed: 7

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