Pregnant Forever

Baby’s four days late, and I’m going a little bit crazy over here.

I know that the majority of first time moms deliver late. I know that an internal check (and the progress stated after that check) is no guarantee of whether labour is imminent or not. I know that the baby will show up in her own time, regardless of what I try.

What I didn’t know was that every person in the universe, regardless of whether or not I have spoken to them in the last 5 years, would be texting, calling, Facebook-ing and Tweeting to find out whether or not the baby is here yet. I didn’t realize that these dozens of well-meaning, well-intentioned people (while sweet of them to check in) would drive me up the wall. I didn’t know that even heading to the mall for a walk (which has happened every night for the last five nights) would result in at least five questions about when the baby is due, what I could do to get labour going, and various assertations that “the baby can’t stay in there forever.”

I promise, I’m probably just being a grumpy, uncomfortable old pregnant lady. I truly appreciate the people who have called and messaged me to find out how things are going. Its just, by the eighth message of the day, when baby STILL hasn’t made an appearance, I begin to doubt myself…and am subsequently convinced that I will be pregnant FOREVER. There will never be a time when I am NOT lugging 7 or so pounds of baby, plus all of this extra junk around.

And then I pause, and realize that right now, I am pregnant. This is all I have wanted for the last two and a half years. Who am I to be wishing the days away? I’ll just continue bouncing on my exercise ball, eating the muffins and cookies from the freezer, and distracting myself on Pinterest. She’ll come. She can’t stay in there forever…right?


4 thoughts on “Pregnant Forever

  1. You’d sure want to hope she couldn’t! Hope she comes out soon and they you can enjoy these last moments of pregnancy as much as you can xx

  2. Hang in there! I felt the same irritation and frustration towards the end also (I was 10 days late and ended up bring induced). Just keep smiling and saying, “no she’s no here yet!” to the endless questions. Because you’re right, you can’t be pregnant forever!

  3. The annoying calls, texts, messages from well-wishers must definitely be something that previously pregnant women keep secret from those who have yet to be there (or are now there). I had the exact same thing happen to me and I just ignored everyone. LOL

    True, she can’t stay in there forever and she will come out when she’s ready. As much “trouble” as it feels now, do try to enjoy it. our EDD is just that: an estimation. Going up to 2 weeks over the EDD is totally fine and normal, even if you get more uncomfortable and anxious. I know I did waiting those 8 extra days.

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