Getting Things Going

At my last appointment with the midwives, things were progressing well; both midwives I saw expect that I’ll probably deliver early. I’m dilating/effacing already, and the Braxton Hicks contractions are certainly becoming more regular. Because I’ve been having issues with my blood pressure (I’ve wound up at the hospital for non-stress tests twice), the midwives would ideally like baby to come sooner, rather than later.

So, because I don’t do anything halfway, I picked up a pamphlet from the midwives on how to get labour started. Nothing dangerous, nothing overly crazy, but several things to try to see if we can kick-start this thing. Since I’m so uncomfortable, baby’s sitting so low, and J’s getting super impatient to meet his little girl, I’ve pulled out all the stops. Here’s what I’m trying.

1. Red Raspberry Leaf tea: this is touted as a uterine tonic; basically, it makes your uterus stronger and helps contractions be more effective. I started drinking a cup a day at about 35 weeks, and since 38 weeks I’ve been drinking copious amounts every day. The BH contractions are certainly more regular since I’ve been taking it.

2. Evening Primrose Oil: this (apparently) affects the softening of the cervix. I really didn’t think it was going to do anything, but thanks to an exam last week, I’ve discovered that its definitely helping. I’ve taken 500mg a day starting at 37 weeks, and have now upped it to 1000mg. We’ll see how this changes things.

3. Blue Cohosh (homeopathic remedy): these little pellets dissolve under your tongue, and are supposed to get labour jump started. I’m supposed to take them for 4 days, then take 3 days off. Tomorrow’s day 4, so we’ll see if anything happens.

4. Exercise ball: I’ve been in love with my exercise ball since about 28 weeks, when I realized just how much its been helping my back pain. Bouncing and rocking on it gets baby moved down farther, so I’ve been pretty much living on it. Again, only time will tell!

5. Walking: everyone suggests walking to get baby moving down. Unfortunately, the intense back pain/pelvic pain I’ve been dealing with this whole time kind of limits that. But I’ve been trying my best!

There are a bunch of other things as well (activities….) but I’m sparing you all the details of those. You can imagine…and if you can’t, just google “Naturally starting labour”. You’ll get the idea.

As of this writing, I’ve been having non-painful contractions every 15 minutes for the entire day. Nothing’s getting any longer or stronger, so I’m sure its just false labour. But…you never know. Baby could be here soon!

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