Thirty Seven Plus

Its hard to believe that I’m sitting here at full term – as of this posting, I’m 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Baby is locked and loaded and ready to go (head down, pretty fixed in my pelvis). There’s all sorts of abdominal weirdness going on; cramps and twinges, nausea and gurgling. This could be encouraging, and a sign of things to come….or it could just be regular old late-pregnancy symptoms. I’d love it if baby stayed put until August 4th; that way, I’ll have had some nice relaxing time off from work, plus, my doula would be back from vacation!

That being said, I haven’t been sitting here with my legs crossed, praying that she’ll stay in there, either. I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea a few weeks ago and have amped up my intake as of this week. I also started popping evening primrose oil capsules (500mg a day, to be bumped up to 1000mg in a week or two). While neither of these things induce labour, they are both considered (by midwives and naturopaths) to help things along. We’ll see if they make any difference at all, or if its just a bonus way for me to increase my fluid intake.

I realized that I never updated you on my ultrasound a few weeks back; obviously, as the doctors say, no news is good news. Everything turned out perfectly; baby is measuring right on track, she’s in the proper position, and fluid levels are all good. I appreciated the reassurance that the ultrasound gave me, and definitely am glad that I got things checked out. Plus, I got to see baby again (though they couldn’t confirm she was a girl…).

I’ll be baking a bunch this week, to load up my freezer with great snacks. I’ll share, don’t worry!

One thought on “Thirty Seven Plus

  1. Hi AlleyRose,

    Just found your cute blog and so thankful. I haven’t seen many others that talk about “crunchy” things like seed cycling and I’m so happy it worked for you. Thanks for sharing your journey. Hope you have a peaceful and healthy delivery with the midwives.


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