Un-Working Girl

No exciting pictures or recipes today, just a quick post to say


That means, thanks to our wonderful health care/government policies, I have a full year before I have to think about heading back to the office. I’ve got (hopefully) two and a half weeks before baby makes her arrival, and I plan to enjoy them as much as possible.

There will be baking, that’s for sure (gotta stock my freezer with great snacks), and I’m hoping that this nesting bug (that right now is manifesting itself in list-making) turns into some house cleaning. But above all, I know that my pool is waiting for me, and the weather forecast is awesome.

Is there anything else I should plan for the next couple weeks? Did you get the nesting bug, or was it more of a guilt-ridden compulsion? What do I need to know?


2 thoughts on “Un-Working Girl

  1. I nested only a little. Did some cleaning and only a handful of freezer meal grocery shopping and preparations for the first couple weeks of when baby will arrive. But that was more towards the beginning of my maternity leave that started two weeks ago when I would get the occasional burst of energy. Now that I’m 6 days past my due date and STILL pregnant…the mere thought of standing to cook or clean is quite exhausting lol. I’m so achy and uncomfortable even more now that the baby has dropped much lower. It’s more guilt-driven now. Thank God for my husband that has been so helpful or we would be living under dirty dishes right now and not eating well! Haha. Everyone is different though. My sister nested the night she went into labor 😊

  2. I didn’t feel that I nested. My house did not get any extra cleanings and laundry, etc was done as it normally would. I did however bake and play in the kitchen tons! So much so, that the evening my waters broke (7 days past EDD), I was semi-frantically freezing everything so that it wouldn’t go bad before I got back home.

    Enjoy this time before your little one arrives. 🙂

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