Photo Ops, Take Two

Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve been measuring slightly smaller than average, based on fundal height (how “tall” the uterus is) alone. By about 30 weeks, I was consistently 2-3 cm smaller than average, which, while still normal, was worrying me a bit. I was concerned that something I was doing meant that baby girl wasn’t growing quite the way she should be.

So imagine my surprise when, last week at 34 weeks, I measured RIGHT on target, at 34 cm. It was a 5 cm increase in under 3 weeks, which totally shocked me (especially because I’d only gained 2 pounds). Thrilled that baby girl was now measuring right on target, I didn’t even think it was anything more than a growth spurt.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon, and I get a call from my midwives, who were spending some time looking over my chart. Apparently, an increase in size like that isn’t totally common. It was nothing to worry about, they reassured me, because fundal height isn’t the be-all and end-all of pregnancy health factors. However, they’d still like me to book an ultrasound and check things out.

Remember that whole “AlleyRose has major anxiety” thing that we’ve talked about? Cue panic.

Gestational diabetes. Increased fluid. Twins. High blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia. A tumor.

All of these things can contribute to a larger-than-normal growth spurt. And on the Friday before a the holiday weekend, no ultrasound place could get me in to reassure me that things were okay. When the rational side of me kicked in Saturday afternoon, I realized there were several OTHER things that could cause a growth spurt.

An actual growth spurt. Baby moving and setting in a different position. A different midwife taking the measurement.

All very real, very NORMAL, occurrences in a pregnancy. Suddenly, Thursday’s appointment didn’t seem QUITE so far away. Baby girl’s still kicking away, and I need to keep reminding myself that she’s RIGHT ON TARGET in the growth department. There really is NOTHING to worry about.

I’m booked in tomorrow for a growth scan, just to check things out. Of course, I’ll keep you posted. I might even get a cute photo or two to take home (which, face it, is the best part of an ultrasound).

2 thoughts on “Photo Ops, Take Two

  1. Good luck! Tomorrow is only one sleep away (mostly slept already by now, I’m sure). I sure hate it when something is said that gets us worrying when there is nothing we can do. Thankfully most times it is nothing that really needs to be worried about. 🙂 Can’t wait for the update.

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