Showered in Love

This past week, I was absolutely spoiled.

Friends and family from all over the city gathered together and threw me not just one, but two beautiful baby showers. It was great to see them all, and I know that without a doubt, I will NOT be shopping for clothes for baby girl until she’s at least a year old. Unless she’s a monster, in which case we’ve got other problems on our hands as well.

My mom’s close friend, who also made our wedding cake, put together this awesome chocolate-raspberry layer cake (with the cutest owl toppers I’ve ever seen).


My overwhelming cravings for any and all fruit were lovingly satiated by this baby carriage full of melon and berries. Honestly, I probably ate half of that, and took another quarter of it home:


We were gifted great things from the registry, like our car seat, bathtub, a GREAT diaper bag (the Timi and Leslie Joey bag), a Bumbo chair, and a whole host of other items. We also got some terribly impractical but ridiculously cute clothing (think ballerina tutus and leopard print onesies with lace).


But of course, like any good baked-goods blogger, I failed to take pictures of my impressive haul, and instead focused on the tables of food!

Though our registry was about 75-80 items long, I wound up with the majority of ‘necessary’ items being gifted. We still need to buy a pack and play, a change pad/mat, and a breast pump, but thanks to our incredible prenatal class (more on that later), my obsession over fully completing the list has waned. Honestly…I think baby girl will be okay WITHOUT three different change pad covers, or with only one set of pacifiers (for now).

Are there any items that you realized just weren’t worth the money? Were you gifted needed items at your shower, or were they mostly cutesy impractical things?



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