Happy Birthday, B&B!

Two years ago, I posted the inaugural paragraphs on this little corner of the Internet. We’d been trying to conceive for about four cycles, I believe, and that felt like a complete eternity. The chocolate cake I posted then has gotten me through countless parties, occasions, and midnight cravings.

This is where we started, two full years ago:

“First off, these posts will be incoherent, written out of hope, despair, disappointment and vain conceit.

Second, I don’t even remotely consider myself an expert. We’ve been trying to conceive for about six months, neither of us have any known fertility problems, and age is on our side as far as TTC things go. For those of you out there experiencing the pain and heartache of infertility, all I can offer are my prayers and well-wishes. I don’t pretend to have any answers.

Third, I’ve got a recipe for just about every emotion under the sun. I’ll share them with you, as long as you give credit where credit is due. And if not, well, hey, I’m none the wiser – I’ve most often adapted other people’s recipes anyhow. Use these recipes to make yourself feel better; I sure do.”

Things are so different, and yet still very much the same. My posts are incoherent and rambling, and often-times written in a flurry of emotion. I’m still not an expert, despite two years of TTC and infertility. And my recipes are still made to share; and a cupcake still makes me feel better.

Making a baby is nowhere near as easy as making a cupcake, as my subtitle declares. And in two short months, I’m sure I’ll realize that RAISING a baby is nowhere near as simple, either. But I’m along for the ride, and I’m grateful for all of you that have ridden along with me.

So raise a glass/baked good/bottle, and celebrate Baking & Babies with me!

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