Check, check.

I’m the queen of checklists. I’m sure there is someone else out there who is even more diligent and obsessive than me, and they are welcome to be the Emperor or Grand Champion of checklists. But as far as my particular level of list-making goes, I’m happy with my monarchy.

Ever since I bought my first day-planner in high school, I have been making lists, and then dividing those lists by date, time, priority or preference. Colored markers came in handy, as did a variety of shaped sticky notes. I kept one of these planners from the year that my anxiety/OCD was at its worst; that book is a serious piece of art.

I make lists daily; for groceries, for phone messages, for things to tackle at work. And now, with less than two months remaining until baby girl is due, I’m breaking out the lists in full force.

Hospital packing list? Check.
Baby’s gear list? Check.
Layette/clothing list? Check.
Diaper bag preparedness list? Check.
Things to get done before baby? Check.
Postpartum recovery supplies? Check.

I’m proud of these lists. But at the same time, I know that once she’s here, lists won’t help me cope. I can’t schedule out and prioritize my baby’s life- mostly because I just have no idea what it will entail! I can’t check ‘Meet baby’s needs’ off my list, because it is a never ending process. I will have to learn- quickly- to chuck these lists out the window, and go with whatever’s happening.

But for now, my color-coded checkboxes are oddly comforting.

One thought on “Check, check.

  1. I LOVE check lists! Always have! I’m a multiple colored pens type of list maker, lol. I’ve actually started using the app “Astrid” for my phone for a lot of lists because it’s super easy to categorize them (and you can add pictures and stuff).

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