Thirty weeks already!
I felt like this would be some sort of major milestone for me- after all, I’m now counting down weeks in the single digits! So far, all thirty weeks has solidified for me is that the relatively comfortable, complaint free part of my pregnancy is over. Still not complaining though!

Rolling over in bed has become an Olympic sport. Honestly, I have to mentally psyche myself up just to heave my body around 180 degrees. It’s kind of hilarious, actually.

Cravings this week continue to be for fruit. Cherries and watermelon are starting to appear in grocery stores ( and sales flyers!), so you can bet I’m planning my next trip to the store. Fruit is just awesome- I could probably be a fruitarian for the rest of this pregnancy (you know…if it were medically permissible).

In other news, I found out that there are TWO baby showers being thrown for me and this little one! Both are being hosted by longtime family friends, and at least one was completely unexpected! This little girl has a ton of friends already! June 22 and 24 are the dates, which is coming up so soon! Can’t wait ( though the centre of attention/ room full of people thing always freaks me out).

And this is the state of my belly at present. Yikes!


How are you feeling this week? Any news to report?

4 thoughts on “Thirty

  1. Wonderful picture! I too ate and ate tons of fruit during my pregnancy. I didn’t call it a craving, as I generally eat tons of fruit during the summer here, but maybe I did it a bit more than normal (3 mini watermelons in a weekend?)…

  2. my shower is june 22nd too! I’m kind of scared, because it will be outdoors and I dont’ cope well with the heat. So we’ll see. Hopefully it’s cool out! I too have been craving WATERMELON. I ate an entire half over two days.

  3. here through PAIL – congrats on the 30 week milestone (I’m going to go ahead and say it – it is totally a milestone). I’m just edging out of the first trimester post-infertility and looking forward to reading along.

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