Summer “Vacation”

Two months from today, I’ll be on maternity leave (or what my colleagues have dubbed it, my summer vacation). This means only eight more weeks (40 workdays!) of getting up, making myself presentable, and hauling my ever-expanding a$$ into the office. I enjoy my job, I really do. I just don’t enjoy the effort of actually BEING there when I’d love to be hanging out in sweats at home, maybe floating in the pool to take down some of the swelling in these ankles. Let’s face it…I want to be doing that instead of working even when I’m NOT pregnant.

That being said, its a little strange to think that I’ll have an entirely different set of responsibilities for the next year. I know what to expect when I go into work; I know what has to be done, and what my boss is looking for. Soon, there’s going to be an entirely different little boss, with demands that will be far less predictable than I’m used to. The hours won’t be nine-to-five with a 1/2 hour for lunch, and Friday afternoons probably won’t drag on quite so long.

I’m excited, but nervous. I feel like I’m prepping for the biggest job interview/first day of work ever. Except, as with any job, you can’t be fully prepared ahead of time. And in this case, its so much more than a job. I’ll be a mama forever (not just until a better/different opportunity comes along).

Do you have a change in roles coming up? What are you doing to prepare?

2 thoughts on “Summer “Vacation”

  1. 8 more weeks for me too! I’m so nervous/excited! Although it’s so difficult already to walk around in this heat that I honestly can’t see how I’ll physically survive another 8 weeks of this. As far as preparation: the only thing I’ve done is update my registry and cement maternity leave. Start date is unknown, as I plan to work up until labor. I don’t want to waste valuable time waiting. We shall see!

  2. I’m so happy I found your blog. I’ve been searching for a fun blog to follow that is close to my due date (I’m due July 14). I feel the exact same way! I only work part time and even with that I hate the effort to get up and get going haha. On my days off, I try to relax or work on the nursery. My husband has been such a big help. My back kills after standing and washing dishes! So thank God for him. Just a few more weeks!

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