This happened…


First of all, excuse the chipped polish. I can barely reach my own toes anymore.

Second of all, DO YOU SEE THOSE CANKLES? If it weren’t for the indentation from my socks, my feet would be completely indistinguishable from my calves. My toes are sausages, and everything’s puffy.

This was after a particularly long day on my feet, so don’t panic if you’re looking at the photo thinking “What the hell HAPPENED?” Its not pre-eclampsia or anything scary – just regular old swelling. If you really want to see something funny, you should watch me wedge these babies into my flats for work. It seriously looks like I’ve stuffed yeast dough into my shoes and let it rise. Excellent.

I’m not complaining – I actually find it pretty funny to come home at the end of the day and tell J “Sorry, honey…I need to put my feet up.” And when I grab my foot and the fingerprints stay there – it makes me giggle a little. Like, hey there, baby…what are you DOING to my body?

I ALWAYS swell a little in the summer – the heat makes my hands and feet puff right up. So I’m sure this summer will be no exception. Stay tuned for some marshmallow-y updates – I’m sure it will get worse before it gets better!

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