Sugar Rush


Yesterday was my glucose screen – I was a little late to the party at 28 weeks, but I figured I’m better late than never!

Sugar and I don’t get along, historically, though I have a massive sweet tooth. Because of my PCOS, I’m insulin resistant, which means that the less sugar I eat, the better I feel. I lose weight like crazy when I cut out sugar, and all of my fibromyalgia pain basically disappears.

So what happens when you feed someone like me excessive amounts of a syrupy, sugary drink? I crash, and I crash HARD.

I was exhausted when I got home last night, but this morning was by far the worst. The above photo is my remedy- this is what it took to get me through the day at work. Yes, I understand that combatting sugar with sugar is not the way to go, but a girl’s gotta do what’s necessary. Plus, it was DARK chocolate (antioxidants) with FRUIT and NUTS. Practically health food.

No results yet, but we’ll find out soon. How did you do with your glucose screen? Did you survive?

One thought on “Sugar Rush

  1. Sorry to hear about the big crash after, but hoping your results come back great!
    I didn’t care for the stuff I had to drink (orange fanta-like, but without bubbles), but it wasn’t too bad. Maybe better if it was cold. I didn’t have any problems with the testing except for being tired, as was normal, especially from allergies during that time.

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