A Melon A Day…

Last summer, I ate watermelon like it was going out of style. I could power through a ten-pound melon in two days, easily. Sometimes it was as a watermelon, feta and arugula salad (delicious, not weird, I promise), but most often, I would just cube it up, toss it with a little lime juice, and go to town.

Though its only May, the cycle has started again.


J tried to tell me that this is not a normal person’s serving of melon. I reminded him that it was for me AND his daughter – therefore I had a little leeway. And also…it was only a quarter of a whole one. A quarter is basically nothing.

Its now a full day later, and I’ve eaten watermelon salad today as well. I’ve put a whole bunch of cubed melon in the fridge for lunch tomorrow, and I’m trying to refrain from cutting up ANOTHER quarter for a snack. Though I rationalize away the fact that watermelon is mostly water, I keep having to remind myself that it is water AND SUGAR. And sugar is not so great for someone who is going for her gestational diabetes screen in a week or so (and who already has insulin-resistance issues).

So I rely on this open confession about my watermelon craving/obsession to keep me under control. Maybe by posting, I won’t dash to the fridge to sink my teeth into the remaining half a melon that sits there tempting me.

Any summer-time food loves? Any major cravings lately?

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