Three Left

twenty six

Today is May 8.

There are exactly three months left until my due date. What on earth has happened? Where has the time gone?

I’m excited, as many new mothers are. (I won’t say all…I know that’s not true). I’m especially excited because it was a struggle to get here. I’m excited for the first time I see our little girl, the first time I hold her, the first of everything. I’m excited to see whether she has my grey/green eyes, or J’s curly hair. Will she be a tiny little peanut, or a ten-pounder with a hundred rolls? Am I going to be in love at first sight? (Yes. How can it not be, when I already love her.)

But I’m nervous as well.

I don’t know much about raising kids. I haven’t done this before, and its been awhile since I’ve had to tend to a baby’s needs. I volunteer with the infants on Sunday mornings, but that is mostly cuddles and toys. I don’t know about breastfeeding, or sleep cycles, or what to do with bad diaper rash.

I’ve been reading like you wouldn’t believe. Thanks to fabulous sites like Hellobee, and the wonderful mommy-bloggers who have gone before me, I’m learning. But I’m worried that this head-knowledge is not going to translate. I’m worried that I might cave under pressure. I’m worried that I might do something wrong.

But ultimately, we’re hardwired for this. As long as this little girl is fed, clothed, changed and protected, she’ll turn out okay. I don’t have to read about everything from birth to her first day of kindergarten; I can learn things as I go along.

Did you have any fears before baby came along? How did you fill in the gaps in your knowledge? Did instincts kick in?

3 thoughts on “Three Left

  1. I was scared to death before our little girl came along and some of what I read stuck with me, but some didn’t. It was okay, though. Because instinct does kick in and even what you read doesn’t always work or hold true for your baby. Whenever I faced a parenting issue along the way, whether it be about diaper rashes, feeding, sleeping, or whatnot, I just did my research in the moment. It was much easier trying to focus on the problem at hand than prepare myself for it all and try to retain the information that I read. You’ll be fine. Really! I think that’s pretty much a promise I can keep. 🙂

  2. Oh man I can relate. We are down to 5 days (!!!) and I’m finding myself reading like crazy, second guessing what I do know and freaking out about caring for two at the same time. The pregnancy flew so fast I almost feel like I missed it.

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