The Wish List

A few weeks ago, we decided it might be time to register for some baby things. How difficult could it be? Babies don’t need much; somewhere to sleep, some clothes, diapers, and a source of food. Right?

Oh. Wrong. So wrong.

Have you been into a baby store lately? I don’t mean the cute little boutiques that sell a handful of items. I mean a baby emporium like Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby. That s*** is overwhelming. There isn’t just a shelf of pacifiers. There is a whole entire wall. Ditto for bottles, diapers, strollers, carseats, sleep sacks, etc etc etc. If I hadn’t been armed with a list of recommendations, I very well might have broken down and cried. How are you supposed to choose just ONE of something when there are twenty options?

So what did I choose? HOW did I choose it?

A few things were key for me.

1. Read reviews, talk to other moms, and check out blogs (like this one!). Reviews are written for a reason; to help people make decisions. If you see something that you like, check it out. I loved Lucie’s List for this – she has fantastic opinions and has definitely done her research. I also checked out Amazon reviews – just take them all with a grain of salt.

2. Test things out! If you get the chance, pull that stroller down off the shelf. Drive it around a bit, practice folding it and setting it up. Grab that infant seat and haul it around the store with a 10lb pack of diapers in it. Are you going to be able to haul this thing around for ages? Some things are much harder to test out – but don’t be afraid to ask. If you get a good salesperson, they might even let you open up that box!

3. Register for different brands/types. Have you seen how many different bottle brands and makes there are? Honestly, you could use a different bottle every week for most of the year, if you felt so inclined. I didn’t want to register for a million of one type, only to find out that baby might hate them. So I registered for a few different types. That way, if Little Miss only likes the Dr Brown’s, or has a aversion to Avent, I won’t be out a ton of money.

These are just my opinions, seeing as I don’t actually have a baby yet. Or any of the gear I registered for. But if these three tips help you out a little, then my work here is done.

Stay tuned for a post about the actual things I registered for. You know…if you care.


2 thoughts on “The Wish List

  1. I went with a friend who had a baby and even with her helping me I needed a nap after walking around for 2 hours. There is just so.much.stuff.

  2. Same here, I talked with friends who had kids and asked what they liked and why. I also remember stuff from when my siblings were little and got some of that stuff too.

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