NIAW: 2013

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week; a campaign I’ve written about in past years. This year, on what others have referred to as the “other side” of infertility, I have something a little different to say.

Infertility is isolating. Its painful. Its a dark place, with heartbreak lurking around every corner. Your life is divided into increments; two weeks here, another two weeks there. The days are not days of the week; they are days-post-ovulation, or days spent waiting for a positive OPK.

People who haven’t been here don’t understand. They tell you to relax, to stop worrying so much, to let things happen as they are supposed to. Things AREN’T happening the way they’re supposed to when you’re infertile; this advice hurts and harms – it doesn’t help.

I know I’ve lost several followers since becoming pregnant. I understand how painful it is to read about someone’s pregnancy when its the one thing you’re longing for. I understand that its hard to be happy for me, a stranger on the Internet. Its far easier to unsubscribe from the feed, and search for someone else who’s raw pain can help soothe your own.
But know that even being here, at 24 weeks pregnant, after a relatively “easy” exit from the world of infertility, I advocate for you. I know your hurt, I know the pain that stems from so much disappointment.

And I want to do my best to raise what little awareness I can, to let people know that they are not alone in this battle.

YOU are not alone in this battle.

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