Obligatory Update Post (21 weeks)

Baby girl is roughly the size of a butternut squash this week, and weighs a pound. Head to the produce section in the grocery store and just take a gander at those squashes (?). Compared to the grain of rice that she was just mere months ago, I’m not really sure how all of a sudden she’s ballooned up to this ginormous size. And we’ve still got another four months to go. Holy crap.

She’s started rolling and flopping and kicking around in there, to the point where I most definitely feel it. Its not just the sweet flutters or jabs from early on, either. No, its full-body barrel rolls, and belly flops, and ninja kicks to the bladder. I love it though, because its constant reassurance that she’s still in there. Honestly, I poke my belly from time to time if she hasn’t moved in awhile. Once I kind of jiggled my stomach, which prompted a stern response from J .”Honey, no matter how frustrated you get, you must never. shake. the. baby.” Regardless of her protective bubble, I suppose.

We’re also batting around some names that we love; I’ll share our choices, but not the top contender, if only to save myself from 1.unnecessary comments and 2. the few family members and IRL people who hang around here. No need to ruin the surprise.

But the top 5 on our list for the time being (I’m headed to Chapters in the next few minutes to check out some more name books) are Charlie, Amelia (Mia), Piper, Kennedy and Addison. All great names…way too many to just string them together in one super-hybrid name, unfortunately. As far as using one of our lesser choices for a middle name, that won’t be happening…because if J get his way, her middle name will be Hurricane. Or WaitForIt. Just let that sink in a little (and please, pray that he’s only joking).

Actually….Hurricane is kind of growing on me πŸ˜‰

How’s everyone else doing out there? There are so many of you on my blogroll just waiting for their own little ones to arrive (shoutout to Aly at Breathe Gently, who’s little girl arrived this weekend! Congratulations!)

One thought on “Obligatory Update Post (21 weeks)

  1. Love all the names!! Can’t wait to hear what you picked – hurricane as a middle name or not!
    Dh shakes my belly periodically to which I “yell” at him to stop earth quaking the babies πŸ™‚

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