The Unavoidable Easter Treats


Easter weekend always means a variety of things in our household. First and foremost, it’s a weekend of celebration thanks to our incredible Saviour. Good Friday services are reflective and Sunday is always for rejoicing.
Secondly, Easter weekend is about the food. With two dinners, serving a total of thirty two people, desserts were a priority.
Now here’s the problem with being the family baker. Requests are made. And these requests are always something I have made (and blogged about) before.
The cake in the picture above? I’ve told you about it on several occasions- it’s the vegan chocolate cake that always earns rave reviews. In an attempt to make it somewhat different for you, my dear readers, I changed the icing.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
1/4 cup butter
4 oz melted chocolate
250 g/1 brick of cream cheese
About 4 cups icing sugar

Beat the butter and cream cheese until smooth- no lumps please! Mix in the chocolate and vanilla until well combined. Add icing sugar slowly, using milk to thin it out if needed. Sample several times during the process. Slather on a cake when you’re satisfied!

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