Ailments and Aches

Baby’s doing quite the number on me.

I promised myself I would NOT complain. I didn’t pray for this for 2 years just to be whiny when I finally got what I wanted.

But for information’s sake, let me share with you the wonderful things that have been happening to my body.


I’m usually not prone to dry skin – I can get away with not applying moisturizer through an entire Canadian winter, and be fine. Not so now that Baby is sucking all of the moisture out of me. My dream at the moment is to fill a bathtub with Aveeno lotion, and just lie in it until my skin soaks it all up. That would be wonderful. I’m settling for using the thickest lotion and body wash that I can, and sticking to short, only warm showers.


I’ve only ever had mild eczema once or twice in my life. I had a small patch on my stomach from a metal belt buckle (yes, I wore it every day). And I’ve had a few small circles on my arms, for no apparent reason. Both have been less that quarter sized, and have cleared up with a little hydrocortisone cream.

Fast forward to week 14 of pregnancy. I noticed that the insides of my legs, just above my knees, were itchy and painful. Chalk it up to weird dry skin, I thought. Or the fact that I’m gaining weight, maybe my legs are just rubbing against the seams of my pants. I put up with it for a week or so, and when it didn’t get better, I really examined the situation.

The insides of both legs are covered in two HUGE patches of eczema. They are easily the size of my hand, and hard, scaly, itchy and painful. Unfortunately, going to work requires wearing pants…so I sit at my desk, trying to ensure that my pants don’t touch the sides of my legs.

Anyone have any great eczema cures? Hydro-cortisone is a steroid, and its pretty taboo during pregnancy (or so I’ve heard). Anything else I can try?

BACK PAIN: This requires a post of its own. Suffice to say that my sacro-iliac joint is seriously messed up, and I look like an elderly woman when I try to stand up or walk for too long. When baby gets heavier…I’ll be in for a world of pain.

CONSTIPATION: Not too much elaboration on this one. Things get stuck. It takes forever to…eliminate. And honestly, I feel like I’m in training for child birth.

HOWEVER…………Despite all of these lovely symptoms, I’m doing WELL! I’m 15 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness is almost completely gone, with only a wonky gag reflex left. My energy levels are back up – and the only thing keeping me from running into full-on nesting mode is the aforementioned back pain and other ailments. I feel great. My bump is visible, and while some people might just think I carry all of my weight in an impressive pot belly, I know the truth. Baby’s moving around in there – I think I can feel it sometimes, but I’m not sure. Soon enough, things will be very noticeable though.

I’ve booked my anatomy scan, which is very important to the midwives for all of the medical stuff, but is even more important to me, because we’ll find out what type of BABY we’re having! (Or, as a friend says, which flavour we’re having). Once we know that – the nursery’s fair game. Since I like gender-neutrally greys and turquoises, I could probably start decorating now, but I promised I’d wait.

How is everyone else doing?Anyone want to tell me that their back pain ended, or that their eczema cured itself overnight? That’d be GREAT.

6 thoughts on “Ailments and Aches

  1. For the elimination issues, try eating a fiber bar everyday. Fiberone or fiberplus taste really good. I ate at least 1 a day during my pregnancy and only had to deal with constipation 2 times. Also, try a cup of hot tea right before bed.

    I’m excited for you guys, and I do understand the “not complaining because this is what I always wanted.” That’s how I tried to be, but it does help to vent it all out once in a while.

  2. Hey pain is pain – you’ll have aches and pains during pregnancy and its ok to be bothered by them but still be able to appreciate the pregnancy. With that said I don’t have any asthma or back pain cures, but you could try some stool softeners and fiber for the constipation – worth a shot!

  3. If you haven’t started seeing a chiropractor yet, do so ASAP! Find someone certified in the Webster Technique. It will save you so much pain as you get bigger. I wanted to take my chiro on as a sister wife near the end!

  4. I try not to complain too, but oy, I’m feeling it now. You can definitely still be grateful to be pregnant but realistic about the aches & pains. I was lucky symptom-wise early on, but the back pain has been, and still is, my biggest gripe. Take care of yourself & rest often.

    15 weeks! You’re doing beautifully! xxx

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