My post got eaten. I wrote up a whole interesting page full of mirth and witticisms, and WordPress ate it. So lets try this again.


We announced our pregnancy to the world at large this week. Its such a relief to finally be ‘outed’. I don’t have to keep my mouth shut around people, and I can stop sucking in my gut and wrestling it into my non-maternity clothes.

The shoes are the first and only thing we’ve bought for baby so far. I love them; they’re so precious. J asked if he could take them to work and keep them in his desk. Since he hasn’t seen baby, or even gotten a glimpse of an ultrasound photo, he absolutely deserves a reminder. My reminder walks around with me everywhere; a bloated belly and an ever-increasing repertoire of puke stories. But hey – at least its a reminder, right? I’m completely okay with that.

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