Photo Op

I met baby today!

Thanks to my crazy cycles and PCOS, I was granted a sneak peek into baby-world at only 10 weeks. I was pretty sure that my dates were correct, because I know my ovulation date and the date that my last cycle started. But hey…who am I to turn down a glance at baby?
J picked me up at work during my lunch break, and we headed to the ultrasound clinic. Right off the bat I was given a waiver to sign. No one else allowed in the room. No pictures to be printed or taken. And no information given whatsoever.
Seriously? I waited ten whole weeks for this, and J couldn’t come with me, and I couldn’t even have a snapshot of the little bean to take home? I tried to argue a little, but there’s not much you can do when your choice is to A) shut up and see your baby, or B) argue and go another 10 weeks with no peek.
So I sucked it up. I let her cover my stomach in goop, and after a few agonizing minutes of ovary-checking and measurement taking (my bladder was SO full), she moved on to checking out baby. I had to press her for answers, but I got them.
“There’s a baby in there?”
“Only one?”
“That’s all I can see, yes.”
“And it has a heartbeat?”
“And its in the right spot?”
Does it look like a baby? Does it have a tail? Does it look like an alien? Am I miraculously 6 months pregnant? But I stayed quiet, and waited until she was finished with the picture-taking.
“Did you want to see?”
Um…..hell yes. Why else would I be here? She turned the screen towards me, and pointed out a dark, round circle in the middle of the screen. At the bottom of the circle, vaguely resembling either a baby’s profile or a particularly top-heavy jellybean, was our baby. A small round spot in the centre was flickering a mile a minute (actually, about 175 beats per minute). Baby, heartbeat, check, check.
I’d love to say that I teared up, and got all sappy. Instead, I said something along the lines of ‘That’s pretty cool’, and asked again if I could snap a photo on my phone. No, not permitted, wait until the anatomy scan, blah blah blah.
So, knowing that the baby in my gut is alive and well, I wiped all of the ultrasound junk off of my stomach, hiked up the maternity pants that I am already forced to wear, and headed on my way.
To make J feel included, I even Googled a photo of a 10 week ultrasound, and told him that we could pretend this was our baby. He didn’t love the idea, but has been poking at the spot in my stomach where baby is sitting ever since.

6 thoughts on “Photo Op

  1. Well, it sucks that they wouldn’t let you take a pic and didn’t even print out a pic for you, but……YOU’VE GOT A BABY! That parts rocks more than anything! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you got to see the baby! I had to go to the ER at 10.5 weeks and they gave me an ultrasound. I wasn’t allowed to take a picture home, which made me sad because we saw a lot of G’s tiny hands and feed. I would have LOVED a pic of those.

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