It Takes a Village (to feed my sweet tooth)

Every year, J’s extended family gets together for one extended day of baking up a storm in preparation for Christmas. The selection of treats always varies, but one thing remains the same.

The gingerbread house.


Regardless of age, baking skill, artistic talent, or interest, each cousin sits down at the table and assembles their own gingerbread house. Forget the heartache and tears that comes from attempting to share a house; no, the family creates a village suitable for Hansel and Gretel. Without fail, one house usually ends up “burned” to the ground (with icing flames), or struck by a meteor, or bedecked with beheaded Santas. There are the perfectionists, who painstakingly pipe individual icing icicles from the eaves, and there are the candy-happy who use the gingerbread only as a base for handfuls of jujubes, M&Ms and candy canes.

This is just one example of a house that was built. Pretzel-thatched roof, disproportionately-large snowman, shovelled walkway, and candy cane lamp-post. Aren’t I talented? (Ha ha…this became an exercise in learning when enough was enough. I wish I had the foresight to fill the house with Reese’s Pieces before putting the roof on. Then I would have had a snack for later.)

What about your family? Do you have any traditions that are part of your holiday each and every year?

One thought on “It Takes a Village (to feed my sweet tooth)

  1. I love your gingerbread house. I don’t ever remember making them growing up, but I have made them most years here in Finland, although not last year nor this year. 😦 I love your candy cane lamp post, I need to keep that in mind for future projects.

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