House & Home

I’m breaking my blogging hiatus early. I’m only at 35,000 words for NaNoWriMo, but there have been too many exciting things for me to focus on actually cranking out the words.

What’s new?


ImageWe bought a house.

We spent several weeks house hunting; looking online, driving around town, and visiting 15+ houses with our real estate agents. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that we’d find something for quite awhile.

But then we found it. It was beautiful, perfect, everything we wanted in a house (we thought). The price was decent, the location was good, and we put in an offer on the day that it was listed.

And then we were outbid. By at least two other couples. And we knew, even though it had seemed like the perfect house, that we weren’t supposed to move in.

We gave it a couple of weeks, to let the sting go away, and to think about what we wanted. And then we hit the house circuit again. This time, there were several duds, all in a row. Until we stumbled upon this house; on a quiet little street, close to everything, with the right number of bedrooms, the right space in the kitchen, and the right asking price.

We put in an offer. A few short hours later, they accepted. 24 hours later, the home inspection was complete, which was the only condition we had.

And now, the house is ours! Exciting things happening in this household!!

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