Cycle Update #454325124

Surprise, surprise!
I started using OPKs this week, around about CD12, though I knew full well that my average ovulation date has been somewhere around CD24 in the past. But imagine my surprise when I POASed this afternoon and got a positive OPK! This cycle seems to be moving along at a pretty quick pace, and who knows- it might even be close to normal!

With all that is going on right now; new job, new city, house hunting, and living with my parents, TTC hasn’t been on my mind much. I’ve stuck with temping and taking my tests, but honestly, I’m pretty at peace with the whole thing. It’s been nearly two years that we’ve been trying…and I didn’t think I would ever have this much patience. But I guess when you don’t have a choice in the matter, you develop strength and patience very quickly.

I’m making a wedding cake for a family member’s wedding this weekend, and I’m going a little crazy! But I promise I’ll post all about it! Once I’ve settled down a little and gotten down from the sugar high that is sure to result from breathing in fondant and gum paste fumes!

2 thoughts on “Cycle Update #454325124

  1. What a great surprise! Looks like something was telling you to test early this cycle 🙂 Glad you trusted your instincts. FX that you get a confirmed O soon.

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