Cycle Update

This cycle has been a little ridiculous. I understand that things were probably thrown off a little because of the cold I had, and the stress of moving, but honestly now. I’d hoped that my supplements would sort things out a little.

Fertility Friend and I disagree on when I ovulated this cycle. It claims that I ovulated on September 11, which puts me at 18DPO. I don’t think I ovulated until September 18, which puts me at 11DPO, a much more reasonable number. Not that I wouldn’t LOVE to be 18DPO with no temperature drop in sight, but the sneaky stick I peed on this morning says that I’m decidedly not pregnant. By 18DPO, it should be showing up. So I’m going with my theory, and expecting Shark Week within the next couple of days.

Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Cycle Update

  1. I think Sept 18 as well. In fact, I looked at your chart BEFORE I read what you wrote about it and had a guess at the 18th just by sight. But here’s hoping you won’t be seeing Shark Week for a good while…like in 9 months or so!

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