A Weighty Post

I figured I should update you all on my weight loss journey. I know there are a bunch of you who are following along, and several more of you who are on weight loss expeditions of your own.

So what have I been doing?

Since I got my diagnosis of PCOS back in June, I haven’t missed a single day of logging my food into Weight Watchers Online. Does this mean that I’ve been perfect, and stuck to my eating plan exactly? Absolutely not. You’ve seen the things I’ve baked in the last few months. Between those and the fact that onion rings and bacon cheeseburgers beckon me with their siren calls, there have been a few occasions where I’ve gone a little overboard. But I have never used more than my weekly points allowance (you are given 49 ‘flex’ points on top of your daily allowance, to account for things like treats).

Sure, you say, but you don’t have a sweet tooth like I do. Oh please. Yes I do. I WAS (and I emphasize WAS) the most carb-addicted, sugar-loving, sweets-craving person alive. Honestly, I can’t remember ever finding something too sweet, or complaining that a meal was TOO carb-heavy. That is, until I started 1. Chromium supplements, 2. myo-inositol and 3. a low-carb, insulin-resistance diet.

I haven’t had a hardcore sugar craving in a month and a half. There is an entire bar of chocolate right now, sitting on my coffee table, and I am NOT GOING TO OPEN IT. Dairy Queen is having a sale on Blizzards, and I turned J down when he wanted to go. I’m sorry, WHAT? My motto used to be “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that’s basically the same thing.” So what changed?

My body is finally working like it is supposed to. Rather than craving carbs, powering back those carbs, and then causing a massive flood of insulin in my blood stream (which leads to more carb cravings, and the cycle begins), I am learning how to control my blood sugar, deal with the insulin resistance that PCOS has given me, and feel better. Gone are the days of a chronic six-month-pregnant bloat-belly, and the vicious mood swings when I got hungry.

Now I have a much more healthy attitude towards food. Food is something that nourishes my body, and gives me strength; it is not the comfort that I seek when I had a bad day, or the reward I give myself when I’ve done something well. Sure, its a struggle to stay away from delicious pizza (I have one slice, instead of six), or chocolate cake (again…one slice, not six), but I am seeing results that make me happy.

I haven’t seen the scale move a whole lot (I’m down nearly 8 pounds in 10 weeks), but I’m losing inches all over. Things are fitting better, my stomach is getting flatter, and my cycles are regulating. All in all, I’m SO happy with how this is going!

What are your weight loss success stories? How do you avoid binging on your favourite foods?

3 thoughts on “A Weighty Post

  1. Great job! I have definitely had my days where I fall overboard and want to gorge myself in bad food. But, I’ve noticed that when I do this too much in a week, the scale doesn’t budge and I feel physically worse than when I eat healthy. So, I’m trying to give myself the flexibility to eat things that are not low-carb friendly every once in a while but within control. It’s not always easy.

  2. Yaaaaaay!!!! Hahaha I remember admitting to my friend a couple years ago that I had no clue when people used to say things were “too sweet.” I would just uncomprehendingly be like “yeeeess…. things can be… TOO sweet….”

    I found that the healthier I became, the less I wanted the “bad” stuff. But honestly, do what works for you, a heathy and positive mind frame will help attain a healthy and positive frame. Having said all that blah… if I’m really craving something bad, I pop a couple cinnamon hearts or a piece of cinnamon gum into my mouth. The cinnamon taste completely takes over and nullfies the cravings. I discovered that eating my cute little candy baggie after your wedding!!

  3. Awesome!!! That’s an incredible amount to lose, ESPECIALLY dealing with pcos. I’ve been trying to lose 10lbs for years, but instead keep GAINING then. ACK! i re-started Points Plus this week. Crossing fingers I stick to it this time. What types of insulin-resistance foods do you eat? Is that just a low-carb, high protein type of meal plan?

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