Beautiful Lines

Check it OUT, you guys!

I ovulated! On CD21! This has GOT to be some sort of record. I have now had TWO cycles that are going to be basically normal length. One is a fluke, but is two a coincidence or a pattern? Honestly, I’m praying that its a pattern. All of these supplements and things have GOT to be making some sort of difference. I’m just thrilled that, with all of the stress of moving and packing, with all of the gross cold symptoms I fought off from CD7-11, I still managed to kick my reproductive system into gear. YES!

So what supplements am I taking? What helped with this journey? I’ll tell you! (Note: I’m not a medical professional, so don’t take on these supplements without talking to a naturopath or at least doing your research!)

  • Full moon to new moon only: pumpkin seeds, ground flax seeds, chia seeds, cod liver oil
  • New moon to full moon only: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, evening primrose oil
  • aloe vera juice (2 oz at night)
  • myo-inositol (for insulin resistance)
  • basic prenatal vitamin
  • Vitex/Chasteberry tea
  • Yarrow flower tea
  • Weight Watchers and a low-carb, low-sugar diet

Yes, its a lot. Yes, it seems a little ‘crunchy’. But it seems to be working. So I’m thrilled. Wahoo! (I needed this, this week!)

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Lines

  1. You GOT it!!! Congrats!!!! So excited for you!!!

    What is the reason that you are taking the alternating seeds according to the phases of the moon instead of your FPand LP. Curious to learn more.

    • Initially, I was taking them according to my FP and LP. But then I stopped having any real cycles, so my naturopath recommended that I go with the phases of the moon to hopefully get my cycles back on track. It seems to be working fairly well!

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